Simple Truths

simple truths 01

Simple Truths, a super fun spin-off of “What if” and “This or That”, is a question game where you try to find the correct answer to casual, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players answered! Perfect for parties as well as for just passing time and as a bonus you will learn A LOT of new stuff you didn’t already know. You have nothing to lose, try it out!

“You can get warts by touching a frog.”
“You won’t get warts by touching a frog.”

Play and find out!

• With loads of questions and new added every day the fun never ends!
• Share questions with your friends and see what they answer!
• Create your own questions and see its statistics!

Have fun!

Price: Free

Download: Simple Truths Free Android App from here!

Developer: A Creative Endeavor AB



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