iPhone card counting app helps win casino blackjack

A new program for iTunes App Store can illegally help players to win in blackjack. Application for counting cards is difficult to detect. This application can be used in a special mode – the ‘stealth mode’. When the app is used in this mode the screen of the phone will remain shut off.

Northern California Indian casinos was the first one to report about a program called “A Blackjack Card Counter” to the California Bureau of Gambling Control.

“A Blackjack Card Counter” cost only $3 but it is definitely illegal. This app can be installed on either the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPod Touch. It was created by a small Australian company called Webtopia. Webtopia warns app users that, card counting devices are illegal in many casinos. This card counting app is great for playing blackjack with friends or for learning how to count cards.

“Use this app only for entertainment purposes and you’ll be alright”, says developer of “A Blackjack Card Counter”. Everyone who doesn’t want trouble should listen to this.

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