Review on an Attractive Alarm Application That Is Free Too

People have reviewed a couple of alarms apps recently at The Smartphone Application Review, but here there exists a free application that aims to conquer all of them by supplying a very customizable clock experience, all free of charge and all sorts of having a high amount of style.

The very first factor which will hit you after experimenting using the application for some time would be the simply gorgeous themed faces available. There’s a couple of available. However, some loved the straightforward colored digital faces the very best, having a neat and obvious design which has some good detailing, like the glow from the Bright lights illuminating dim neighbor LEDs, just like they’d do inside a real digital night clock.

My Alarm Clock Free


Alarm Features:

  • Alarms: awaken to relaxing tunes or perhaps your favorite music
  • Limitless alarm support: you’ll never oversleep or miss an essential event!
  • Background support: alarm will start ringing even when the application isn’t running
  • Nonstopple alarm: music continues before you stop it.
  • Sleep Timer: go to sleep to relaxing sounds.
  • Night mode: turn your phone right into a great bedroom clock

More flexible features:

  • Designer alarm: enjoy two stylish faces
  • Beautiful alarm icons: look into the time directly on your phone display
  • Weather information: get updates of live conditions and also temperature

Download My Alarm Clock Free from google play store

You can observe in the above list that there are plenty of products incorporated using the application, together with a fully featured nightstand mode that’s the equal associated with other people have tried personally.

Intuitive interface

You can set the application as much as wake you to your favorite tunes, and also to also permit you to go to sleep having a handy sleep timer, that may also play stress-free music if allows you to fall asleep. The interface is intuitive; the application is fully featured, and it has an attractive choice of clock faces, there is really little to complain about here. My Alarms clock Free comes highly suggested being an excellent option for Android.

An attractive application

It’s an attractive application that provides you a lot of control of the visual feel and looks; it appears every bit as good on Android capsules because it does on phones, and like every alarm, it may be set to challenge you with puzzles to make certain you’re awake before snoozing. Additionally, it includes a timer and stopwatch built-in, that is nice.


Review on an Attractive Alarm Application That Is Free Too, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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