Tetris Classic – Brick Game

The classic version of tetris – brick game in android with multiple modes

Few highlights of the game,

1. One Million Downloads with in a month I launched
2. Top free game in android market for more than 10 countries, still counts
3. 13 upgrades since launch, an update in every 2.5 days
4. The game now provides multi-mode option to choose among Brick Game & Snakes, more modes are on the way, keep tuned
5. Option to change the board layouts & colors

It is really a wonderful game experience to play the tetris (brick) in a classic way in android. As the different shapes moving down, rotating shapes, matching the lines etc,… It brought me of my school days, where I hided the game console in my school bag and played this game in mute umpteen times.

I hope this app will bring back all your school memories too…

Price: Free

Download Tetris Classic – Brick Game Free Android App from HERE!

Developer: Sudhakar Kanakaraj

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Tetris Classic - Brick Game, 3.9 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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